Barack Obama's protocol-rich ride to the Capitol


For Barack Obama’s ride to the Capitol to be sworn in as President, there is a rich overlay of prototcol.

The coffee at the White House where the Bush, Cheney, Obama, and Biden families gather before the inauguration ceremony drew to a close at 10:43 a.m. Then the choreographed movements began.

First, Lynne Cheney and Jill Biden left the front door of the White House and entered their limousine as the US Marine guards flanking the door saluted.

Next to leave were Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Obama at 10:45.

Because he had hurt his back while helping unpack household goods in his new home in McLean ,Virginia, Vice President Cheney was wheeled to his car in a wheelchair at 10:47, as Joe Biden strode alongside and entered the left side of the car.

Finally, President Bush and President Elect Obama emerged from the North Portico at 10:49.Because he is still President until noon, Mr. Bush rode in the place of honor on the right side of the limousine. Barrack Obama walked around the back of the car and entered on the left side of the new Cadillac with license plate #1.

And so began George Bush’s final ride as President.

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