Drug 'Molly' behind at least three deaths

The drug 'Molly' – a pure form of ecstasy – is being blamed for several overdoses in New York and Massachusetts. The drug Molly, also known as MDMA, comes in a powder or crystalline form.

Police say they're concerned there may be a bad batch of the drug known as Molly being sold in the Northeast after multiple overdoses in Massachusetts and New York and likely at least three deaths.

Three people overdosed on Molly, a pure form of the illegal drug ecstasy, last week at the House of Blues club. One of them was a college student from New Hampshire who died.

Over the weekend, there were two non-fatal Molly overdoses at a concert in Boston. And in New York City, two people died and four others were hospitalized during a dance music festival. The last day of the three-day Electric Zoo Festival on Randall’s Island was cancelled due to the deaths.

New York officials said the deaths there appeared to be linked to Molly, also known as MDMA. MDMA in powder or crystalline form, is typically more potent. It's is most commonly take at dance parties ("raves) and with electronic dance music.

Boston police know the House of Blues patrons bought their drugs before they got to the club from someone outside the city, police Superintendent William Evans said. Arrests are expected, he said.

Evans spoke during a hearing before the Boston Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing on Wednesday, when House of Blues officials defended the club's response. The club's manager said security workers pat down patrons as they enter and search their bags.

Evans said it's a "very difficult task" to stop drugs from getting into clubs.

"All we ask is for them to do their best, to get prompt medical attention and immediately call us and the ambulance," Evans said after the hearing.

He warned young people who like to experiment with drugs that the consequences could be tragic.

"They should be concerned because there could be some more potent drugs out there," he said.

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