Simi Valley shooting: Police shoot man suspected of shooting his mother

On Saturday, Simi Valley police responded to a strange case where an unidentified man allegedly shot his mother, set their house on fire, and tried to escape on a tractor. 

Police say a Southern California man shot his mother to death before fleeing in a tractor into a trail, where he was shot dead by officers.

The Ventura County Star reports Saturday's chaotic scene unfolded in a usually quiet Simi Valley neighborhood.

Sgt. Craig Dungan said the suspect's brother told police around 4:45 p.m. that his brother shot their mother in their home.

Police believe the man set the house on fire and fired several shots into the street before taking off on the tractor.

A bicyclist said the gunman fired at her, but she managed to escape injury.

The suspect's name and details of his encounter with police were not immediately released. The shootings triggered a large police response with officers armed with automatic rifle.

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