Wagoner jail escape Monday, inmates behind bars Tuesday.

Wagoner jail escape: Two inmates who escaped from a Wagoner, Okla., jail cell Monday night were recaptured today. In Arkansas, a man jumps through a counter window and escapes.

Authorities in Wagoner County say they've captured both inmates who escaped from the county jail after overpowering a guard and locking him in a cell.

Sheriff Bob Colbert says the jailbreak happened at about 9 p.m. Monday. He says 38-year-old Mickey Staggs and 25-year-old Larry Cotton took the jailer's keys after locking him up.

The jailer wasn't seriously injured.

The sheriff says Cotton was arrested without incident Tuesday inside a vacant apartment in south Wagoner. Staggs was apprehended at about noon Tuesday walking in a wooded area near Sperry.

Cotton was awaiting trial on several charges, including possession of a stolen vehicle and endangering others while attempting to elude police officers.

Staggs was also awaiting trial on weapons charges and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Another jailbreak - in Garland County, Arkansas, was captured on video (see above).

Derrick Estell can be seen talking on a phone in jail Sunday, and when a police deputy turns his back, Estell dives through a counter window, runs out the door, across a parking lot to a waiting car. The deputy dives through the window and chases him.

Police say that Estell had help.

"Police say William Harding, 58, was taken into custody for allegedly assisting in the escape. Officials say he began talking to deputies in order to divert their attention and have them go to the other side of the booking room to look up answers," reports CBS affiliate KTHV in Little Rock, Ark.

A woman, identified by police as Tamara Upshaw, was reportedly waiting in the parking lot for Estell with the passenger door to her car open.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Upshaw and Estell, but they are still on the lamb.

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