Cuomo warns Khloe: Change your shirt

Cuomo warns Khloe Kardashian that her tee-shirt line's logo may violate New York's copyright. Governor Cuomo's administration sent Khloe a 'pro forma' letter of warning.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/File
New York Governor Mario Cuomo has warned Khloe Kardashian, seen here at the March 23 Kids' Choice Awards, that her new tee-shirt logo may violate copyright law. The logo on Khloe's clothing line resembles a New York-owned design, says Cuomo..

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sent a letter to Khloe Kardashian informing the reality star that the logo on her tee-shirt line may violate copyright law.

The governor confirmed his administration sent what he called a "pro forma" letter advising Kardashian that her tee-shirt line resembles the logo of a New York farm program.

The state's design has an image of the Statue of Liberty above crop rows, encircled by the words "Pride of New York."

Kardashian's shirt contains the Statue of Liberty image and crop rows and, in font similar to the New York logo, the words: "Rich Soil New York."

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