Teacher fired for Bible: Student asked about biblical reference

Teacher fired for Bible: A New Jersey teacher says he was fired because he gave a student a Bible to help answer his question in class.

Erik De Castro/REUTERS
Teacher fired for Bible: a Bible lies on a seminarian's desk at Saint Augustine Major Seminary in Tagaytay city, south of Manila earlier this year. A N.J. teacher says he was fired for giving a student a Bible.

A former New Jersey substitute teacher who says he was fired because he gave a Bible to a student has filed a discrimination complaint against the school district.

Walt Tutka filed the complaint Wednesday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Newark.

The complaint says that Tutka was fired by the Phillipsburg School District in January for an incident that occurred in October. Tutka says he gave the student his Bible after the student expressed curiosity about a passage Tutka had quoted.

The complaint claims discrimination and retaliation based on religion.

Phillipsburg's school superintendent didn't immediately return a phone message seeking comment Thursday.

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