Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Party Google searches: Who wins?

Occupy Wall Street searches outpace tea party searches on Google. But news coverage volume has Occupy Wall Street and the tea party movement in a dead heat, says Google.

Occupy Wall Street protesters (left) in New York City. A tea party rally (right) in Flagstaff, Ariz.

Google Politics tell all from its informative political blog. Let’s compare, using the chart above and other data collected by Google:

  • Occupy Wall St. has generated far more searches since its inception than the tea party ever has at any given moment.
  • Despite that search edge, Occupy Wall Street “is almost in a dead heat with the Tea Party for the volume of news coverage… between October 7 and last week, Occupy Wall Street only barely bests the Tea Party when we examine the number of news pieces covering each movement: 29,000 to 22,000.
  • One bit of trivia: Which states have had the highest search traffic for Occupy Wall St.? New York is No. 3 - can you guess the intervening two? (Hint: Think crunchy. Real crunchy.) The answer can be found here.
  • When does tea party surge as a search term? In April, just before Americans file their federal income taxes.

How do you get your Occupy Wall St. News? If you’re in Tumblr

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