HIV positive job applicants being illegally screened

HIV positive job seekers are protected against discrimination under the Americans With Disabilities Act, yet some businesses are illegally screening out applicants with HIV.

HIV positive job candidates have been getting turned down illegally in the US. Attorneys general in all 50 states have been asked to push for full compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

The Justice Department says some trade schools and state licensing agencies may be illegally excluding applicants with HIV and AIDS.

People who have HIV and AIDS are protected from discrimination by the Americans With Disabilities Act.

But the department says some licensing agencies and schools for barbering, cosmetology, massage therapy, home health care work and other occupations may be denying admission because of HIV status.

The department recently settled with a cosmetology school in Puerto Rico that questioned applicants' HIV/AIDS status and required the school to enroll an HIV-positive applicant.

The department said Monday that it has sent letters to attorneys general in all 50 states asking them to identify other programs that violate the act and bring them into compliance.

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