Robocop statue in Detroit: fans keep debate going

Robocop statue: Mayor Dave Bing tweeted that the Robocop statue is not in his plans, but that only fueled the fire on Twitter.

Orion Pictures/Newscom
Robocop sculpture: Do Detroiters really want to see Robocop statue in their city? The debate on Twitter continues even after the mayor has said 'no.'

A statue of the futuristic film crime fighter RoboCop standing guard over Detroit is not in Mayor Dave Bing's plans for the city.

That response from his office to the idea left on Bing's Twitter page spurred some online debate. "RoboCop" on Tuesday was a top trending topic on Twitter.

Some tweets — either genuine or tongue-in-cheek — say a statue of the metal alloy-encased cyborg from the 1987 science fiction movie would help bring visitors into the city.

Others argue such a statue would play to the perception that Detroit is plagued by crime and violence.

Spokeswoman Karen Dumas tells The Associated Press in an e-mail that the mayor's social media manager responded to the RoboCop suggestion, though Bing on occasion does respond to tweets.

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