Maryland 'explosions': Mailrooms at state offices quarantined

Maryland explosions: Two Maryland state government employees at separate office buildings were hurt by packages that emitted smoke and fire, but did not actually explode.

E.B. Furgurson III/The Annapolis Capital/AP
Emergency personnel examine a package outside of the Jeffrey Building on Francis Street in downtown Annapolis, Md., Thursday after two packages sent to state government buildings 20 miles apart released smoke and odors when they were opened. No one was seriously injured, officials said. State police said mailrooms at state offices across Maryland were being quarantined.

Maryland officials say two employees opening mail at separate state office buildings had their fingers burned when they opened packages that emitted smoke and fire.

The employees were not badly hurt. State police spokesman Greg Shipley says one package was addressed to Gov. Martin O'Malley and the other to the state transportation department.

Mailrooms at other state offices across Maryland are being quarantined until it can be determined if any other packages have been sent.

Shipley says the packages did not explode but there was a flash of fire, smoke and a smell with each.

One package was opened at a state office building just blocks from the State House in downtown Annapolis. Another was opened 15 minutes later at the Maryland Department of Transportation headquarters.

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