Do you know the legal fight over same-sex marriage? Take our quiz.

J. Scott Applewhite/AP/File
Vin Testa of Washington waves a rainbow flag in support of gay rights outside the Supreme Court in Washington, June 25, 2013. The Supreme Court will hear arguments over same-sex marriage on April 28 and make audio of the proceedings available later that day. The gay marriage cases mark the only time this term that the court has agreed to the quick release of audio recordings. But the court is continuing its ban on providing video of its sessions or even live-streamed audio.

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to examine whether states can maintain their traditional definition of marriage as a union of one man and one woman, or whether constitutional protections require the states to broaden their definition of marriage to include same-sex marriages. The high court has agreed to examine state laws in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The cases are expected to be argued April 28 and decided by late June.

Test your knowledge and learn more about the legal battle over same-sex marriage in the US and beyond.

1. Which was the first country to give full legal recognition to same-sex marriages?


The Netherlands



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