Can you pass the written police officer exam?

Do you have what it takes to protect and serve? Most US police academies have a written entrance exam that tests verbal, mathematical, and reasoning abilities. As there is no national or standardized police exam, this quiz consists of a compilation of sample police test questions. The questions come from various police departments across the country, from county sheriff departments to the US Capitol police department. Therefore, this quiz does not represent an actual police test. Rather, it gives a sense of the kinds of questions that may be asked on an actual police exam.

2. As part of a theft prevention program, Officer Milton visits three local businesses every week – except during his four-week vacation. How many groups does he visit in one year?

Lathan Goumas/AP
Joliet Police Master Patrol Officer Michael Reilly talks with Rick Thayer of Thayer Brothers restaurant about recent restaurant robberies that have occurred in Joliet Ill. Reilly is assigned to the Neighborhood Oriented Policing Team where he has formed relationships with many of the people he has encounters. Reilly is retiring after being with the police force for 27 years.





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