10 weird criminal sentences

Check out these 10 court cases where judges have done more than sentence the guilty to a fine or jail time.

Teen ordered 'blind' after robbing adult video store

The master of "creative sentencing" is an Ohio municipal court judge, Michael A. Cicconetti. Cicconetti has handed down dozens of unusual sentences over the years, explaining his unique brand of justice to one local ABC affiliate, saying, "Can't stone 'em anymore. If they learn from it, that's what justice is all about."

In one case, Cicconetti ordered 18-year-old Jeremy Sherwood to sit outside an adult video store wearing a blindfold, and holding a sign that read, "See no evil." Cicconetti was convicted of stealing from the store.

Cicconetti's signature judgement is to offer the defendant a choice between a traditional sentence as well as a creative one more fitting to their crime. In Sherwood's case the alternative was 30 days in jail.

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