'Phoenix Jones' is unmasked, but not alone: Five other real-life superheroes

"Phoenix Jones," Seattle's crime fighter, wore a mask as he entered a Seattle courtroom Thursday where prosecutors said they hadn't yet decided whether to file charges against him in an alleged pepper-spray attack. The superhero's brush with the law brought national attention to a citizen superhero who offered a low level of law enforcement for the city. But Phoenix Jones, who's real name is Benjamin John Francis Fodor, says he will continue fighting crime. Fodor is not alone. There are many other 'average Joes' who transform nightly into costumed vigilantes in the name of keeping villains off the streets for good. Here are five.

1. "Mr. Xtreme" – San Diego


By day: Security guard.

By night: Mr. Xtreme, who was raised in San Diego, said a wave of violence in the early 1990s left an impression on him. So in 2006, he founded the XTREME JUSTICE LEAGUE, a coalition dedicated to stopping violent crime through prevention, physical intervention. and community outreach. Every day after his day job ends, Mr. Xtreme, in nearly 40 pounds of gear, patrols the streets of San Diego to raise public awareness about anti-violence campaigns and to serve as positive role model for at-risk youth.

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