Sarah Palin releases 'renegades going rogue' video: Who's in it?

The new video by Sarah Palin's political action committee is a quick-moving montage of Sarah-backed candidates who won Tuesday, lots of flags, a roaring bear, and a glimpse of Sarah Palin herself. Not included: Christine O'Donnell and the other 'mama grizzlies' who lost.

A screen capture from the post-election video released online by SarahPAC, the political action committee of Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin’s political action committee has a new video out. It’s a montage of “renegades going rogue,” in Ms. Palin’s words – winning candidates she endorsed and gave money to. (See video below.)

But you’ll have to look sharp if you want to see them. The ad has the quick cuts and pace of a music video. Plus Mount Rushmore, lots of flags, the Constitution, and tri-corner hats. The result is a sort of Taylor-Swift-visits-colonial-Williamsburg vibe.

The video starts with a pulsating rock rhythm and a graphic of Alaska superimposed on a map of the continental 48 states. Then, there’s Nikki Haley, GOP governor-elect of South Carolina! And that’s Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire’s Republican senator-elect! Look, it’s Allen West, the first Republican African-American Florida has elected to Congress in a century! Who’s that? Oh, that’s right – Marco Rubio, the rising tea party senatorial star from Florida. There he is with his wife. There he is with his kids. Why so much Marco?

There are also shots of Susana Martinez, the Republican who won the New Mexico gubernatorial race, and Mary Fallin, GOP governor-elect of Oklahoma. We think that’s who those women are, anyway. They went by fast.

“This is our morning in America,” says Palin in the voiceover, as Ms. Haley appears again for a wave.

“We’re going to stand up and speak out, and it may take some renegades going rogue to get us there, it may take folks shaking it up!” says Palin.

Then she herself appears, in her only appearance on tape. Quick cut, and there is a really awesome picture of a bear, presumably in Alaska, standing on his hind legs and roaring in the way a bear would roar if it had just won 53 percent of the vote against an incumbent in a bear election.

Did we mention the lumberjack axing off the top of a tree?

Putting out the SarahPAC video at a moment of GOP triumph is a smart move on the part of Palin and her advisers. It may find a receptive audience among happy Republicans who are willing to dig a little deeper and donate now. That’s what SarahPAC is about, after all – raising money and channeling it to candidates.

And the video will get lots of free promotion from folks like us writing about it.

Losing tea party candidates aren’t shown on film. There’s no Christine O’Donnell, for instance, though SarahPAC donated $10,000 to O’Donnell’s campaign, according to FEC records. Some winning candidates didn’t make the cut, either. Where’s Sen. John McCain? Palin campaigned for him this fall and SarahPAC gave the former presidential candidate $5,000. Where’s Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah? SarahPAC gave him $1,000.

As to the meaning of the midterm elections, Palin is pretty clear. The results were “monumental,” the ex-governor of Alaska writes in a new National Review Online opinion piece.

Voters “took Obamacare and the stimulus and wrapped them right around the necks” of lawmakers who had dismissed their concerns, writes Palin.

If Republicans learn the right lessons from 2010 they’ll be able to make even more gains in 2012, according to Palin.

“Till then, I hope that commonsense patriots will join me in applauding the real heroes of this election year, the Tea Party Americans,” she writes.

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