Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly bond over campaign corruption

Jon Stewart had Bill O'Reilly on The Daily Show Monday night to promote "Pinheads and Patriots," O'Reilly's new book. But don't expect O'Reilly to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity.

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On "The Daily Show" Monday, Jon Stewart had Bill O'Reilly from "The O'Reilly Factor" on to talk about his book "Pinheads and Patriots."
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Last week, Jon Stewart appeared on Bill O'Reilly's "The O'Reilly Factor."

Jon Stewart welcomed Bill O'Reilly of Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor" with rose petals and a "We've Got O'Reilly" showtune. The conservative talk-show host was there to talk about his book, "Pinheads and Patriots: Where you stand in the Age of Obama"

Flowers and song were a much grander welcome than what Stewart received the last time he appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor." He got a "Stewart is back, it's inexplicable, but he's here" from his counterpart.

Stewart spoke about how hurt he was with the lack of hospitality at Fox, a.k.a. "The Temple of Doom." But he also gave O'Reilly credit for being the "fairest person over there."

"The fairest person in 'The Temple of Doom?'" O'Reilly replied. "I'm gonna put that on my resume."

O'Reilly did manage to give President Barack Obama "Patriot points" in his book:

Obama's energy level,

Obama's haircut,

and "for not being Hugo Chavez."

Not exactly high praise.

O'Reilly also gave Obama good grades for his drone program that's been targeting Al Qaeda leaders in Pakistan.

"And I just want to warn [comedian Stephen] Colbert," O'Reilly said. "There's a drone on the way."

"No, don't even joke about that! That's terrible!" Stewart responded. "You know what that was? That was a pinhead remark, my friend. That was not a patriot remark."

Common ground

But two TV personalities found they were both card-carrying patriots when it comes to campaign "corruption."

O'Reilly is "not convinced that anybody in America would be a good president at this point." He called running for the presidency a "racket" and attributes some of the corruption to having to "beg for" and raise a ton of money, needing $150 million to run.

"I don't like corrupt media, I don't like corrupt finances," Stewart said. "When are we going to come together and deal with the corruption at the heart of all these problems?"

Candidates have to raise money, and engage in a political system of "I give you this but you got to do that," says O'Reilly. "They spend so much time raising money and kissing butt, they don't even think about problem solving. But it cuts both ways. The liberal pinheads are just as bad as the right-wing pinheads."

O'Reilly said the pinheads are the ones who unfortunately rise to power in most countries. "The good people don't want to put themselves through the exercise, because they get ripped up by pinheads like you," O'Reilly said pointing to Stewart.

Stewart's solution for the good people that won't run for office?

"I think we should have a rally for those people," Stewart suggested, "To restore sanity. Will you come to the Rally to Restore Sanity?"

O'Reilly politely declined – no surprise here.

"You and Colbert don't want me to come. Because if I come, then there will be a big crowd, and you won't get any credit. Let's let Stewart and Colbert stand on their own four feet! They don't need me!" O'Reilly said.

Because the rally is on Oct. 30, it's a Halloween thing and O'Reilly says he doesn't have a costume.

His final words of wisdom for Stewart ahead of the Rally?

"Don't you piggy back on me or Beck, OK? You do it on your own. You're in real deep now, Stewart. If six people show up, believe me, I'm gonna be all over you."

So far, 168,249 people have pledged to attend, according the tally on the Rally's Facebook page. But O'Reilly has thrown down the gauntlet.

Attending the Rally to Restore Sanity just took on a whole new level of meaning. It's not about Stewart or Colbert's credibility. It's not for America.

Now, for some, it will be about making O'Reilly eat humble pie on his next Daily Show appearance.

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