What will Christine O'Donnell say next? Stephen Colbert has the answer.

Comedian Stephen Colbert uses the "Christine O'Donnell Clip Predictor 3000" to find out what Delaware's dabbler in witchcraft will say next.

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Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell speaks at the Values Voter Summit in Washington on Sept. 17.

Bill Maher isn't the only one that has ammunition on Christine O'Donnell in the form of video clips from her past TV appearances. So does Bill O'Reilly. And Stephen Colbert.

But Maher and Colbert are apparently the only hosts airing them.

On his show "Real Time with Bill Maher" last Friday, Maher said that he has over 20 "episodes" of Christine O'Donnellisms. "It's like a hostage crisis," Maher said. "Every week you don't show up [on my show], I'm going to throw another body out."

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Bill O'Reilly is better than that.

Colbert describes Bill O'Reilly as taking the high road. O'Reilly, speaking with Fox New analysts on a segment of the "O'Reilly Factor," said on Sept. 21 that "We have some kind of crazy stuff that she said. We're not going to play it yet...I'm not in the business to injure her."

"See, Bill knows how hurtful it is to have a clip of yourself played out of context. Good for you, Bill." Colbert said. "Showing her clip is beneath you. But not me!"

Cue clip of O'Donnell talking about American scientists crossbreeding humans and animals to create mice with fully functioning human brains.

"She's right! How else could Stuart Little have memorized his lines?" Colbert quips.

What will she say next?! Everyone wants to know what the next "exciting" Christine O'Donnell clip is going to be.

The Christine O'Donnell Clip Predictor 3000 is Colbert's answer. The wheel has three categories: What she did, who she did it with, and on what TV show. It's like political Mad Libs. Last night, Colbert spun the fictional wheel.

First, O'Donnell "killed a drifter with a zombie on Anthony Bourdain's 'No Rerservations.'" On the next spin, the wheel manufactured another fictional O'Donnell clip, in which she "robbed a bank with a merman on Meerkat Manor."

Following Maher's lead, Colbert taunts, "Christine, Christine, come on my show...or I'll spin it again!"

Who will be the first to get O'Donnell on their show - Maher, O'Reilly, or Colbert?

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The Christine O'Donnell Clip Predictor 3000
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