Ten possible vice-presidential candidates for the GOP ticket

Too soon to start speculating about possible Republican vice-presidential candidates? Evidently not. Mitt Romney's rise to the level of presumptive presidential nominee seems to have given political writers and pundits the go-ahead to begin one of the favored handicapping contests in all of politics.

3. Bob McDonnell

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    Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell talks at the Capitol in Richmond, Va., on March 10, 2012.
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From yet another key swing state, the popular governor of Virginia is also high on the list of vice-presidential contenders.

Governor McDonnell seems open to the job, as his own term as governor is just about up. (Virginia limits governors to a single term.)

He was in the news a lot in February for the flap over transvaginal ultrasounds for women seeking abortions – and his compromise, stripping out the transvaginal ultrasound mandate but still requiring such women to undergo an ultrasound – didn’t exactly please Republicans or Democrats. Still, McDonnell is a top contender.

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