Election 101: Where the GOP candidates stand on China, Iran, Israel and other key foreign issues

Take a look at where each of the GOP candidates stands on foreign policy and national security issues.

3. Mitt Romney

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    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaks at the Republican Jewish Coalition's (RJC) 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates Forum in Washington December 7, 2011.
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Says Obama has “let China run all over us,” would slap tariffs on Chinese goods and pledges to declare China a currency manipulator on his first day in the White House.

Middle East

Would cement America’s commitment to Israel by making Jerusalem his first foreign destination as president. Uses Secretary Clinton’s terminology by calling for “crippling sanctions” on Iran and says that “ultimately regime change is necessary.”


Would expand the legal authority of US officials battling terrorism, and, like Perry, warns of radical Islamists seeking to infiltrate the US from south of the border. Says he would keep troops in Afghanistan longer than Obama envisions.

Defense spending

Would increase defense spending over Obama levels, accelerating the rate of the Navy’s ship delivery and building a national missile shield system.

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