Election 101: Where the GOP candidates stand on energy and the environment

Energy and the environment are typically “back burner” issues in national elections, but both are huge this year for Republicans. Take a look at where each of them stands.

2. Ron Paul

Jim Young
U.S. Republican presidential candidate and Congressman Ron Paul listens to questions at a Town Hall meeting at the Ericson Public Library during a campaign stop in Boone, Iowa December 8, 2011.

Energy, fossil fuels 

Would remove federal regulations and bureaucratic red-tape restrictions on drilling, repeal the federal tax on gasoline, and lift “government roadblocks” that restrict coal use. 

Energy, alternatives

Would lift “government roadblocks” on nuclear power development and offer tax credits for purchase and production of alternative-fuel vehicles and technologies. From Iowa corn growers he received a ‘C’ on both ethanol infrastructure and policy and an ‘F’ for not supporting a national Renewable Fuels Standard.

Climate change

Says global warming is “the greatest hoax I think that has been around for many, many years.” 

Environmental regulations

Would eliminate the EPA. Polluters would answer “directly to property owners in court for the damages, not to Washington.” 

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