Election 101: Where the GOP candidates stand on immigration, abortion and other social issues

Social policies are a defining issue in this, or any, Republican race. With the GOP electorate increasingly focused on social issues in recent decades, their leaders' views have shifted in kind. Take a look at where each of the candidates stand. 

7. Michele Bachmann

Charlie Riedel/AP
In this June 26, 2011 file photo, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. stands outside her childhood home in Waterloo, Iowa.


Minnesota congresswoman voted against the DREAM Act, supports a fence “on every inch of the southern border,” opposes providing Social Security or health coverage to illegal immigrants or their children, and cosponsored a bill declaring English the official US language. 


Wants to abolish Department of Education, repeal No Child Left Behind, and return decisionmaking to the local level. Cosponsored the A-Plus Act, which would have given states greater power to design curricula. 


Is staunchly antiabortion (except in cases of rape or incest). Has a history of voting for bills that prohibit the use of federal funds for abortion or groups like Planned Parenthood

Health care

Favors repeal of the Obama reform law, which she describes as “unconstitutional,” “socialized medicine,” and “killing jobs.” Pledges to make medical expenses tax deductible, expand Health Savings Accounts, and allow small businesses to combine and purchase insurance. 

[Has withdrawn from the race]

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