Can Republicans increase their ranks of governors? Four races to watch.

With only 11 races for governor this year, there’s no big sea change to anticipate. With Republicans hoping to add to the 29 states under their banner, the four races to watch are in Washington, New Hampshire, Montana, and North Carolina.

4. Montana

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    Democratic gubernatorial candidate Steve Bullock (l.) gestures during a debate with Republican candidate Rick Hill (r.) on Sept. 24 at the Great Northern Hotel in Helena, Mont.
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Here’s another state where there’s a too-close-to-call race to replace an outgoing Democratic governor who has hit his term limit.

Attorney General Steve Bullock is trying to keep the state in the Democrats’ corner. Opposing him is former US Rep. Rick Hill.

Hill has proposed cutting property taxes and using revenue from natural resources such as oil, gas, and coal to fund education. One of his ads features him cruising the open roads of Big Sky country on a motorcycle, with the tagline touting how he’ll “drive job creation.”

Bullock has a popular record as attorney general, having cracked down on repeat DUI offenders and sexual predators. He has also touted plans to create jobs and defend unions and public schools.

The race has encompassed everything from tax debates to hunting and fishing proposals to campaign-finance controversy.

Before a higher court reinstated contribution limits that a lower court deemed unconstitutional, Mr. Hill received $500,000 from the state Republican Party, well over what had been a $22,600 limit for political parties. Bullock has filed a complaint.

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