Charlie Crist campaign causing problems for Dems in Florida Senate race

The independent run by Florida Governor Charlie Crist has Democrats in the Sunshine State concerned that GOP candidate Mario Rubio will capture the open US Senate seat.

Wilfredo Lee/AP Photo
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., left, and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist embrace during a news conference where Kennedy endorsed Crist in his independent candidacy for the Senate, Wednesday, Oct. 13, at Shelby's Kitchen & Deli in Deerfield Beach, Fla.

Gov. Charlie Crist's independent bid for Senate is causing havoc among Democrats who fear the idea of Republican Marco Rubio winning the race.

Some Democrats say Crist should drop out because his political reincarnation is hurting the candidate they nominated, Rep. Kendrick Meek.

Anybody-but-Rubio Democrats say Meek should give up because Crist has a better chance of winning.

It's unlikely that either will concede to the other in an attempt to stop Rubio, but it's even less likely that either will win if it remains a three-way race.

Crist left the GOP to run as an independent. He is peeling away Democratic votes from Meek while Rubio has solid support among Republicans to give him a strong lead in polls.

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