The 10 weirdest political ads of 2010

7. Mike! Mike! Mike Weinstein!

Not all crazy political ads are violent or negative. If this ad was any more positive, it would jump from your computer screen and start licking your face. Florida state Rep. Mike Weinstein says the spot was performed by his son, Scott Leigh, who writes educational children's songs. But we're not convinced that the singer isn't Mike Weinstein himself, who somehow traveled forward in time from 1983.

In an age when candidates seem to be doing everything they can to appear relevant to young voters (think Senator Grassley's Twitter-and-nose-stud spot), why would Weinstein release such a gloriously unironic, unselfconscious, unhip ad?

It's simple, really: He's running unopposed.

Note: This song will probably be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

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