The 10 weirdest political ads of 2010

From demon sheep to witchcraft denials, this has been one crazy election season. And nowhere has the looniness been more on display than in the candidates' carefully crafted TV spots. Here is our list of the top 10 weirdest ads of 2010.

10. Chuck Grassley has a . . . Twitter

This woman has just been informed that Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley has a . . . Twitter.

Most of this ad is your standard fare. The candidate expresses his willingness to do "whatever it takes," and it closes with the obligatory "I'm-not-a-fuddy-duddy" shot of a woman with a stud in her nose. But what's with the gag at the beginning about "Twitter" being slang for an embarrassing malady? Your guess is as good as ours.

To be sure, the Iowa senator's campaign Twitter feed is active, and it's clear that he writes all of his own tweets. Chuck Grassley also has a ... Facebook account. Don't be surprised if, in addition to retaining his Senate seat, he also wins a few Foursquare mayorships.

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