Naked Cowboy for president: Top celebrities (past and present) who aimed for the White House

1. The Naked Cowboy - 2012

Mike Segar/Reuters
Robert Burck (c.), known as "The Naked Cowboy" announces he will run for president in Times Square in New York City on Oct. 6.

New York City's famous Times Square attraction, The Naked Cowboy, or Robert Burck as he is less known, is running for president, according to the Associated Press.

Burck has been singing and dancing for decades in Times Square, and a Washington Post blogger wonders if he will campaign in his trademark, minimalist outfit: cowboy hat and boots, underwear, and guitar.

A political science major at the University of Cincinnati, Burck has stuck a toe into the world of politics before. In 1999 he ran for mayor of New York City, but withdrew from the election, "complaining about the amount of red tape involved," the AP said.

Burck, complete with a new haircut and in a suit, announced his candidacy for president on Oct. 6 in Times Square.

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