FIXcast: The Power of One Caring Person

a path to progress

In this episode, FIXcast host Samantha Laine and Monitor staff Yvonne Zipp discuss education inequality—and the importance of that one person who can change everything.

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    FIXcast is the Monitor's podcast on progress.
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Tired of hearing about the broken US education system? 

So are we.

In the latest episode from "FIXcast," the Monitor's podcast on progress, host Samantha Laine and Monitor editor Yvonne Zipp discuss the Monitor's newly launched education section, EqualEd. The section's first project, One Caring Person, explores the power of one person in a young person's life and the value of mentorship in the education system. Together they listen to many kids' stories and the obstacles they face, such as homelessness, gang violence, and other issues that result in education inequality across the country. They are joined by David Shapiro, the president and CEO of MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership

Click here to listen to the podcast on iTunes. If you feel inspired to become a mentor, check out our resources here. 

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