Five shifts among college freshmen: For one, they're more studious

A survey of college freshmen reports an uptick in study time and a bit less partying. Here's a look at ways first-time freshmen depart from previous freshman classes.

2. Partying and tardiness on the wane

Andy Manis/AP/File
Bars near the University of Wisconsin at Madison are one way local students can obtain alcohol. UW-Madison is one of 10 colleges to take part in an American Medical Association-led initiative to curb binge drinking.

The percentage of students who spent time partying during the week in their senior year of high school declined from nearly 70 percent in 2009 to just over 65 percent in 2011. 

The percentages who drank occasionally or frequently also went down a few points in recent years, with about 41 percent drinking wine or liquor and just over 35 percent drinking beer. In the late 1970s and early ’80s, more than 70 percent reported frequent alcohol use. 

Fewer students say they came late to class as high-school seniors: 54.7 percent, compared with 57.5 percent in 2010.

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