How to pick a college? 10 tips for seniors from their peers

It’s college application season; have you narrowed your choices wisely? And if you’re ultimately accepted to several schools, how will you know “the one”? Here are pointers from students who’ve recently survived the process.

2. Big vs. small

At a big university, there will always be new people to meet, things to do, and probably more course options than at a smaller school. But some students are more comfortable, and perform better, in a tight-knit community.

“It's easy to get lost in the crowd at a big university, like Arizona State, but I recognized this and realized it was up to me to make something of my time at ASU,’ says Mr. Alex. He followed through by joining a fraternity and getting an on-campus job giving tours to prospective students.

If you end up at a big school, get involved to find your niche. Remember, too, that a big school will most likely be broken up into several colleges – one for liberal arts and sciences, business, engineering, education, etc. – and these may have the feel of a smaller school.

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