Top 10 most globally minded colleges

Instead of focusing on faculty research contribution, we highlight global citizenship, as measured by US News & World Report's ranking of student participation in study abroad programs. 

2. Soka University of America

Courtesy of Soka University of America
Juniors at Soka University of America participate in a study abroad program included in their tuition cost.

Founded in 1987, Soka University of America is part of a larger coalition of Soka schools including kindergartens and the flagship Soka University of Japan.

Located in Orange County, Calif., Soka University of America mandates that juniors participate in a study abroad program in a country that speaks the non-native language they've been studying. In addition, Soka teaches classes in single-subject, three-and-a-half week blocks, as opposed to the semester or quarter systems of most US colleges. 

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