The five American cities with the longest work weeks

A report from the New York City Comptroller's Office found that New Yorkers are devoting nearly 50 hours a week to their job. Where does this stack up with other major American cities?

2. San Francisco

Robert Galbraith/Reuters
FILE PHOTO- A man looks at his mobile phone while riding the Powell and Market Street cable car line in San Francisco, California on March 12.

Residents of the City by the Bay spent more time in the office compared to any of the 30 biggest cities, with a total of just over 44 hours, according to New York's Comptroller report. While the average time spent commuting per week was just a hair under five hours, residents still faced the second-longest average commute at four hours and 57 minutes, according to the report. With the city's shifting demographics and rising costs of living, working class citizens are being forced further away from their places of employment into areas that are underserved by public transportation, and adding to commuting times, according to Vox. 

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