2012 enters the record books. Were you paying attention? A news quiz.

The year 2012 brought no shortage of significant news, from scheduled political transitions in the US and China to unexpected tragedies, moments of human triumph, and more record-setting in the realm of social media.

It's gone by quickly. Were the London Olympics really just a few months ago? Test your knowledge of these events with the Monitor's 2012 news quiz.

20. After Russians went to the polls in March, the country's newly created League of Voters said which of the following?

Sebastien Pirlet/Reuters
Russia's President Vladimir Putin sits at the opening of the EU-Russia Summit meeting in Brussels December 21.

Vladmimir Putin won a decisive victory.

Vladmimir Putin's support wasn't really above 50 percent.

The election system had been "discredited" by widespread violations.

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