Thanksgiving Day by the numbers: 10 mind-stuffing facts

There are a few important things about Thanksgiving week that the US Census Bureau can't claim to have tallied up.

Those would include Americans' collective thoughts of gratitude, the nation's highest-decibel football fans, or the number of turkey sandwiches consumed during the days following the holiday.

But data from the Census and other sources do provide some numerical insights into one of the most cherished US holidays. [EDITOR'S NOTE: The previous sentence has been revised for accuracy.] No knife and fork needed, just read on.

The Big 10

Jack Dempsey/AP
The NFL Salute to Service logo adorns a goal marker in Denver. College football conferences and the National Football League will provide a bumper crop of exciting football match-ups throughout this Thanksgiving weekend.

That's a college football conference, but here we're talking about the number of big football games over the long weekend. And the number 10 is artificially conservative.
In college football, the high-intensity match-ups include Arkansas versus Louisiana State, Ohio State vs. Michigan, Notre Dame vs. USC, Alabama vs. Auburn, Georgia vs. Georgia Tech, Clemson vs. South Carolina. Add a contest within the Big Ten itself (Penn State vs. Wisconsin) and that's seven big games right there.

The National Football League will contribute many more. Here are just the three to be played on Thanksgiving Day itself: Houston Texans vs. Detroit Lions, the Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys, and (in the evening) New York Jets vs. New England Patriots.

The list could go on of course. (Fill in the blank with your favorite local teams.)

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