Thanksgiving Day by the numbers: 10 mind-stuffing facts

Data from the Census and other sources provide some numerical insights into Thanksgiving, arguably the most cherished national holiday.

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    Nearly one million people a year visit Plymouth, Mass., where in 1620 Europeans made a home in New England. There they can see Plymouth Rock, where the Mayflower passengers first set foot in the New World.
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This is the number of places and townships in the United States named Plymouth, as in Plymouth Rock, where the first Pilgrims landed. They named the town for the port in England from which the Mayflower sailed, located near the mouth of the River Plym. Plymouth, Minn., is the most populous in America, with 71,561 residents in 2011, according to the Census Bureau.

Plymouth, Mass., had 56,767 residents. There is just one township in the United States named Pilgrim. Located in Dade County, Mo.

Four places are named after the holiday’s traditional main course. They are Turkey Creek, La.; Turkey, Texas; Turkey, N.C.; and Turkey Creek, Ariz. In addition, 11 townships have Turkey in their names.

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