Pi Day: five fun facts about 3.14

March 14, or 3.14, is Pi Day. Get it? Pi Day celebrates all things related to the mathematical constant that measures the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Here are five things you should know about π. 

2. Computers can't solve it

John Nordell / CSM
Desktop computers in a trash can are shown in this 1999 photo illustration.

A pair of Japanese and US computer whizzes currently holds the record for calculating the most digits of pi – to five trillion decimal places. In 2010, Shigeru Kondo, a Japanese system engineer and Alexander Yee, an American computer science student, eclipsed the previous record of 2.7 trillion places. The pair used a desktop computer with 20 external hard disks that cost about $18,000 to build. It took 90 days to make their calculation. 

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