Holiday shopping online: How to avoid the '12 cyber scams of Christmas'

With more Americans turning to the Internet for more of their holiday shopping needs, good cybersecurity is vital to avoid a raft of scams – from promises of "free iPads" to "holidays screensavers" that install malware on your computer. Here are the "12 cyber scams of Christmas." 

2. Is that QR code safe?

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    Some fraudulent QR codes can damage unprotected phones.
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More than half of US consumers who own a smart phone say they will use their device for holiday-shopping activities – including researching products, redeeming coupons, or buying holiday gifts, McAfee reports. New versions target QR codes, a digital bar code consumers scan with smart phones to find deals or learn about products.

But malicious QR codes affixed on top of legitimate codes could compromise a phone's security. Only about 23 percent of smart phone users having enabled security software, according to a report this summer by Global Industry Analysts. Be sure your smart phone has updated security software.

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