Hu Jintao in America: 7 questions about the Chinese president's visit

Hu Jintao, the Chinese president, arrives in the US for a summit with President Obama. Among the issues on the docket for Obama and Hu Jintao: Chinese currency, economic trade, and human rights.

3. What do US businesses want?

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    Boxes of home furniture read "Made in China" at a Costco store in Everett, Mass., January 18. Beijing announced $600 million in deals with US companies on Monday.
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The key economic issues affecting US business interests – market access, intellectual property, government procurement rules in China – are well known, but the two presidents are unlikely to “get down in the weeds” on such topics, some business representatives say. Instead, US businesses will be looking for something broader: signs, for example, that the two countries are laying the foundation for a working relationship on strategic issues that favors cooperation over conflict.

“A meeting that suggests China is ready to work cooperatively on the big-picture things will be well received, because it’s all important to the business climate,” says Bill Reinsch, president of the National Foreign Trade Council in Washington.

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