Jerry Brown's California: Five big changes from 1975 to 2011

Once California’s youngest governor, Jerry Brown begins a second term Monday as the state’s oldest.

Penny pincher

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    California gubernatorial candidates Jerry Brown (r.) and Meg Whitman (l.) appeared Oct. 26 with California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger during the Women's Conference in Long Beach, Calif.
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Governor Brown famously refused to live in the state's new governor's mansion when he took office in 1975. Instead, he opted to sleep in a rented Sacramento apartment – on a mattress on the floor, no less. He also rejected the customary limousine and outgoing Gov. Ronald Reagan's private jet – saving some $210,000 in the process.

Today, Brown continues his same frugal ways. His inauguration featured a public lunch with hot dogs and chips. His 2010 gubernatorial campaign cost $24.8 million – not chump change, but less than one-sixth of the $160 million spent by Republican competitor Meg Whitman.

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