US News 2010: Are you a real newshound? Take our quiz.


The end of 2010 is here, a year remembered for the WikiLeaks drama, GOP and tea party gains in the midterm elections, and BP’s Gulf oil spill marking the worst environmental disaster in US history. But also Christine O’Donnell’s “I am not a witch,” campaign ad, Apple’s releasing of the iPad, and entertainment stars rallying on Washington’s National Mall. So, what else happened in 2010? Test your memory for those less obvious news stories.

1. President Obama has achieved a compromise agreement with Republican leaders in Congress on extending the Bush-era tax-cuts that angered many supporters among liberal Democrats. But some analysts suggest that Mr. Obama has in fact pulled off a deft maneuver to position himself in the political center and appeal to independents. This was straight from the playbook of the last Democrat to hold the presidency, Bill Clinton. What is the name of that maneuver?


Both sides against the middle


Quarterback sneak

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