Brett Favre a grandpa! Daughter Brittany Favre gives birth

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre was already the graybeard of the NFL. Now, his daughter Brittany Favre has given birth to a son, making him the league's only grandpa.

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    Brett Favre probably feels better than he did on this day in January, when his Minnesota Vikings lost to the New Orleans Saints in the NFC championship, 31-28. His daughter Brittany Favre gave birth to a son.
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Brett Favre already had the gray beard and the annual pangs for retirement.

All the football hero (or is he a villain?) needed to truly earn the nickname “Grandpa” was an actual grandchild.

Now he’s got one.

The future hall-of-fame quarterback confirmed the news that his daughter Brittany Favre, 21, gave birth to a son on his official “for the love of the game” website.

"Parker Brett was born on Friday, April 2, weighing 7 lb. 7 oz. and we're pleased to say that both Mom, Dad and Parker Brett are healthy and doing
great," reads the statement.

So, will being a grandfather finally impel Favre to hang up his cleats for good?

Or will the temptation to make up for that painful last-minute interception that killed the Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl chances suck the battered veteran into another grueling season.

That’s the $12 million question for football fans across the nation, particularly those in Minnesota.

Surely, Vikings coach Brad Childress, who wooed Favre to come out of retirement and play for the Vikings last season, is looking at the question will renewed intensity.

The entire Vikings organization, which watched star Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb go to the Washington Redskins while they patiently await Favre’s decision, has to be waiting with bated breath.

But if last year is any indication, it may be a while before they get to exhale.

“Check back in August,” quips WISC-TV, a CBS affiliate news station out of Madison, Wisc.

(No, they’re not bitter in Wisconsin.)

The big question, though, is when will we get to see little Parker Brett’s version of grandpa’s “pants on the ground” dance.

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