Spring's crayola colors

Photos of nature's changing palette at Sheep Dog Hollow.

Joanne Ciccarello/Staff/File
A winter scene at Sheep Dog Hollow in Connecticut.
Joanne Ciccarello/Staff/File
Spring at Sheep Dog Hollow, Connecticut.

When photographing Sheep Dog Hollow, the 1902 farmhouse reporter Alexandra Marks has been working to renovate and make into an energy-efficient home, I often returned to the same spots to check progress. However, it was the change of seasons that kept me enraptured.

Construction began in mid-fall, when my palette ranged from brown to gold to orange with a few fading yellows. By November 2009, I could have been photographing back in the days of black-and-white film. After four months of working with winter's limited light and the snow's blinding highlights, I was done. Ah, April. The grass looked like it had been colored in by a child with a Crayola crayon. The forsythia branches mimicked sunlight, as they soon will again. I shed my jacket and eagerly dived into the scene with my camera.

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