Weathered beauty

One of The Monitor's photographers spots an irresistible vintage car.

Melanie Stetson Freeman/Staff
A rusty Buick in a field in Lafayette, La.

I've photographed a lot of old cars. Too many, maybe, but certain vintages are irresistible to photographers. And when I spotted this rusty Buick in a field in Lafayette, La., I had to stop.

I was scared to walk into the field alone in case someone still lived in the dilapidated house that listed to one side of it. I asked my writer colleague to tag along – strength in numbers – but no one was home, nor had been home in a long time.

I shot from many angles: the silver lines dividing windows and panels, the textures of rust and shiny metal, the blues of sky and weathered paint. Clouds reflected in the window hinted at the elements that had worked on it over time. Even though it can't move anymore, it still transports me to another decade.

Like Louisiana, the old car has been through a lot. It's been battered, but it's still standing.

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