Point of View: A big hit at home

A Monitor photographer describes getting the shot at a win-from-behind Tampa Bay Rays game.


It was the bottom of the 8th inning and the Rays were losing to the visiting Pirates, 3-1. The Howe family had a good spot on the general-admission hillside and, despite the score and the relentless Florida sun, it was obvious these Rays fans weren't leaving as the game stretched on.

Tension had been building throughout the later innings as I photographed the children's nervous reactions to each play. Suddenly, I heard the crack of a bat and started photographing as the oldest son rose to his knees and began cheering. Seconds later, the family erupted in hugs and cheers, as the home team scored two runs, setting up an improbable come-from-behind win in extra innings.

Walking out of the stadium after the game, a man who had been watching me work commented that it was a shame I had to miss all of the action. I smiled, because I knew better.

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