Winners of the Young Poets Contest

Five poems by students.

Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace

(Dedicated to the 2008-09 Winter Park High School Sound of the Wildcats Marching Band) Proud and strong our marching band
Our colors orange and black,
With heads held high up towards the sky
We march onto the track.
Tonight's the night to strut our stuff
To win the golden prize,
And represent the Winter Park
Not be "the band that tries."
We're serious, this is our life
A number one choice class,
It's hard and yet we strive for it
To keep our legendary past.
In four short years we part the ranks
And leave the next our torch,
With honor, pride and vigilance
Through band and life push forth.
So find the way and keep it strong
Never let it wane,
Be the future of this band
And don't forget our name!

Moriah M. Prior

Winter Park, Fla. / 12th grade

Apples and grapes are worth a penny,
Peaches are worth a dime.
It would be a good thing
If you would say,
"I am yours and you are mine."

Julia Westmoreland

Cypress, Texas / 2nd grade

*Poem inspired by fruits of the Spirit, from Galatians.

Furry, cute
Eating, sleeping, having babies
Sleepy, tired, lazy, exhausted

Mariana Rogan

Minnetonka, Minn.

1st grade

eerie smears of light
upon the break of every wave
anonymous art
a perfect sliver
suspended among the stars
beams a moonlit path

Kayleigh Hendrix

Tulare, Calif. / 11th grade

We are suspended.
Above is the sky, the stars
Below is a distorted mirror image:
An elegant, logical, "perfect"
Human version.
As we begin our descent,
The twinkling abyss below
Begins to take familiar shape
As the city I call home.
We are falling in to a beaded safety net and —
The runway lights,
Sparkling blue crop rows in a dark field of black,
Illuminate my path.

Natalie Cheng

Lisle, Ill. / 11th grade

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