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A yen for a familiar kind of fast food

I had recently finished a two-week tour of western provinces in rural China and was at the Beijing airport waiting for my flight home to Los Angeles.

After 15 days of eating local foods, which were all excellent, I was more than ready for some good old familiar American chow, and found myself in line at a well known fast-food burger restaurant.

The Olympics were still in progress at the time, and standing directly in front of me were two young Chinese athletes in their familiar red, white, and gold warm-up suits.

This is the actual conversation I heard take place between them:

Athlete No. 1: "I am getting tired of burgers – maybe something different tonight?"

Athlete No. 2: "How about some Chinese?"

When they realized I was listening, they burst out laughing.

James Michael Dorsey

Culver City, Calif.

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