Over the hedge: Rabbit runaround

If the hound wanted a chase, a chase is what he'd get.

I think rabbits have a sense of humor. The two wild rabbits I observed from my kitchen window one wintry day convinced me of that.

The pair was huddled in a cozy shelter where a large tuft of grass had bent over. Covered with snow, it was a perfect hide out.

One rabbit hopped out to enjoy the sunshine when its long ears rose up to catch the baying of a hound dog. The dog had picked up the scent and was ready for a chase. The rabbit obliged, running full speed in a large circle with the hound in hot pursuit. Veering toward the shelter, the chased rabbit hid and the second rabbit darted out, running the hound in circles.

Soon, the hound tired and trotted off. The second rabbit joined his friend. Can't you imagine them jabbing each other and doubling over in laughter?

Nancy Gokay

Vashon, Wash.

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