Over the hedge: Wedding-day cheer across the miles

The couple found a special way to share their celebration with us.

I thought I was prepared for the disappointment of missing my nephew Sean's wedding, but on the day he married his dear Beth, I woke up feeling quite left out and sad.

This young couple had worked, planned, and waited for the right time to marry, and I wanted so much to witness and celebrate their love in the company of my siblings.

But my husband, Jim, needed my support during an illness. Leaving him at that time was not an option, and traveling together from Wyoming to California would have been difficult.

But on the afternoon of the wedding, around the time of the ceremony, our doorbell rang, and a mysterious white box was delivered.

Inside was a small, white wedding cake, beautifully decorated with fresh flowers in the bride's color scheme.

No cake has ever tasted so good, and my husband and I are still awed by this sweet gesture made on our behalf by a thoughtful couple on their busy wedding day.

Diana Kopulos

Laramie, Wyo.

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