Dads on duty

Four fathers knew just what to do when their little ones got restless in church.

Joanne Ciccarello

This image speaks for itself – one of those gifts you get when you pay attention. It happened toward the end of a Sunday morning church service in which my 4-year-old niece Nina was making her stage debut in a performance my sister Stephanie had helped arrange.

I had my camera out for her big moment when she called out the letter "B." Meanwhile, one or another of the babies was making her presence known with the impeccable timing infants have when everyone is supposed to be silent. But as the performance drew to a close I noticed that the room had suddenly grown quiet.

I turned around and four dads stood at the back of the church bouncing babies up and down – the little ones suddenly distracted by the sight of one another. My niece Bailey is second from left, in the arms of her dad, Paul Bocko. Truly this was a Hallmark-card moment.

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