Ballad of the Button

A poem for kids.

Ballad of the Button

If you would indeed be dapper
Abandon the zipper, abolish the snapper!
From any angle the button's hipper
Than either the snapper or the zipper
When the zipper derails, then what do you do?
You sew on a button, which is good as glue
If of heavy metal inlaid
Then maybe the zipper might hold
But paltry plastic ones now made
Will likely leave you out in the cold
While the snappers lack enough sticking force
You know they will fail, much to your remorse
In the world today much junk is made
Which upon the drawing board should've stayed
But the button's staunch, the button won't quit
The hold will be tight, you can count on it
From south to north
From north to south
Let the world go forth
From ev'ry mouth
From west to east
From east to west
Let truth be released
The button's the best
The button's the best
To stand the test
Of tugs and time
To stay when stressed!

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