Double the fun

Kid Spot quiz: See how many of these words with double letters you can guess.

How many of these words with two sets of double letters can you figure out?

1. If someone asks you where you live, this is the information you might give to them. Don't forget your ZIP code!

_ d d _ _ s s

2. This is a place inside a school where lessons are taught.

_ _ _ s s _ o o _

3. Children love these. They are filled with air or helium.

_ _ l l o o _ _

4. This is usually kept in the kitchen. It has recipes in it.

_ o o _ _ o o _

5. This person raises a particular insect for its honey.

_ e e _ e e _ _ _


1. Address

2. Classroom

3. Balloons

4. Cookbook

5. Beekeeper

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